I’m Elizabeth Stefani and I help adults and families affected by ADHD create effective, long-term organizing systems that work with their neurodiverse brains.

I know that getting organized when you have ADHD can seem like an impossible task. Not only is it difficult to activate the ADHD brain to want to get organized when the task seems boring, but the skills needed to create effective organizing systems are lacking.

I love helping people discover that there are ways to stay organized, on time, and on-track, even if they feel that it has been an impossible task in the past. You don’t have to struggle on your own, I am here to help!

Areas of Assistance

  • Organize your stuff, your space, your information & your time.
  • Create systems that work with your ADHD to make maintenance easier.
  • Develop strategies to help you find what you need, when you need it.
  • Create systems to stay on top of family routines.
  • Develop organizing roles within families & work places.
  • Learn to manage time blindness & a poor sense of time.
  • Create schedules to take into account your unique ADHD challenges.
  • Learn strategies to arrive on-time & reduce lateness.
  • Develop strategies to help with distraction & improve productivity.
  • Learn how to activate motivation & diminish procrastination.
  • Develop routines that encourage you to continue using them.
  • Set up appropriate routines that are specific to your ADHD family needs.
  • Learn how creating habits for people with ADHD is different.
  • Develop strategies to keep you on track when creating new habits.
  • Learn how to use structure & support to create new habits & routines.

An ADHD diagnosis doesn’t come with a manual of required skills.

Trying to manage ADHD symptoms with mainstream organizing techniques, and productivity hacks may have some success, but in many cases they can cause feelings of failure and frustration. Your unique brain requires unique solutions! If you are ready for a new approach to organizing, please reach out.