Holistic, Customized, Office Organizing Solutions for Busy Professionals

We believe that everyone deserves an organized and effective office space.

Conquer the Chaos & Power Up Your Productivity

At Elizabeth Stefani Professional Organizing we help ambitious business owners create systems to organize their office. We use proven organizing techniques so they can remove the overwhelm created by overflowing files and schedules, and focus on their growth. A disorganized office space can waste time and money, hinder relationships, and cause frustration and general stress. We specialize in helping to overcome these obstacles by:

  • Create Custom Filing Systems OR
  • Refine Current Filing Systems
  • Streamline Information management (paper and digital)
  • Implement Time Management & Productivity Techniques
  • Organize Office Space and desktops
  • Organize Storage Areas and Sample Libraries
  • Create optimal workflow techniques for travel
  • Get your email to “inbox zero”

Corporate & Teams

With many people working from home regularly, it is important that your team is on the same page. We offer team training on email, office organizing, information flow and productivity to ensure everyone is one the same page.

Small Business

Working with businesses of up to 80 people, we can address filing and information flow, productivity, and organizing. Whether you are a retailer, traditional office, or non-profit business we can help.

Home Office

Working from home can present unique challenges. Whether you are setting up your office, or just need a fresh start we can help eliminate the paper pile up, manage distractions, and reduce your stress.

Let Elizabeth Stefani Professional Organizing help create your customized organizing solution.