Elizabeth Stefani

My personal experience over the last 17 years of working in small businesses, a home office, and out-on-the-road, has given me an understanding of how challenging staying organized can be. As someone who was not naturally organized, I actively sought out knowledge in the field of organizing and productivity. I found how applying organizational systems could improve not only my productivity at work, but also my overall health and life balance.

Elizabeth Stefani Professional Organizing was born through my desire to bring this same balance to my customers. Over and over again I saw how inefficiencies and disorganization present within the processes and environment of a workplace, caused people to lose focus, waste time, and ultimately miss out on opportunities that would fulfill their goals. As I developed my systems and saw my productivity and life improve, I started helping others too.

I know that just trying to understand where to start can seem very overwhelming. I understand how frustrating it can be when deadlines are missed, files are lost, or goals are not met – especially when you seem to be working all the time. My gratification comes from helping clients overcome this anxiety, regain focus, and move forward with clarity and momentum.

I am committed to engaging, inspiring and empowering others to become more productive and efficient. I care about your ongoing success, and provide the support needed to reach your goals.

Elizabeth Stefani, Trained Professional Organizer

Photography (c) Jacqueline Boers Photography

Confidentiality is an important value to me as an organizer. I strive to be open, honest, ethical and genuine in all aspects of life. As a member of Professional Organizers in Canada, I adhere to their strict code of ethics within my business.

Let Elizabeth Stefani Professional Organizing help create your customized organizing solution.