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Adults with ADHD face challenges at home, work, and in their community and social life. Because of the challenges faced by impaired executive functioning, adults may also find that they excel at some areas (such as at their job, for example), but feel they are falling behind in others (such as staying on top of relationships with friends). Working together we develop simple, unique, ways to incorporate successes and overcome challenges. Some areas I can help are:

  • Organization of your office or home to suit your needs.
  • Strategies & processes to help with workflow at home & at work.
  • Goal setting, planning and prioritizing.
  • Strategies to help with motivation, procrastination and distraction.
  • Managing impulsivity.
  • Strategies to help time-blindness or chronic lateness.
  • Building and maintaining healthy habits regarding diet, exercise, and relationships.
  • Reduce overwhelm and stress, and bring joy into your home and work.

Families Affected by ADHD

When children and/or parents have ADHD, home life can seem chaotic. Family members may experience different types of ADHD, and may experience different impacts on executive functioning. Because of this relationships may be strained, which can make it harder to work together for a solution. Working with parents, we create understanding and develop solutions that meet the needs of all family members. Some areas where I can help these challenges are:

  • Organization of your home to suit the needs of all family members.
  • Systems to deal with the influx of paper and stuff coming into the household.
  • Systems to help with managing appointments, extracurriculars, and the various schedules of the day-to-day.
  • Strategies to deal with time-blindness and lateness.
  • Building routines that are specific to your family needs.
  • Bring tools to improve communication, reduce stress, and build better relationships.
  • Create strategies to help with issues of emotional regulation.

Teens / Young Adults with ADHD

The latter years of high school, and the transitions that young adults face as they go to post secondary school or work, can be particularly difficult for those with ADHD. It can be extremely overwhelming when past routines and parental guidance are not immediately available anymore. Working together we create new routines, and work on developing self-guidance. Some areas where I can help with this transition time are:

  • Organization of your living and study spaces for optimal use.
  • Systems for organizing time to include work / school and social life.
  • Goal setting, planning and prioritizing for school or work.
  • Strategies to help with motivation to start, sustaining focus, and completing required tasks.
  • Managing Impulsivity.
  • Strategies to help with managing personal care (eating, sleeping, exercising, taking care of finances, and chores).
  • Reduce overwhelm of new responsibilities and increase self-confidence.