Organizing for your business or workspace can increase productivity, free up time, improve your service to clients and stakeholders, decrease stress and improve profits. Because each workplace is different we can create a customized solution that best suits your needs. Some of the services that may be included are as follows:

Space Planning and Organization

Room and space planning can increase the effectiveness of your environment, and better support your health. Better organization has been linked with lower rates of stress, and increased productivity. Whether it be a mobile office, home office or corporate office, organizing your space will allow you or your employees to focus on meeting company goals that are of the most value.

Information Management

As your business grows and changes, and as we move into more remote workspaces, our organizational needs change too. We can assess your workflow and set up both paper and electronic information management systems. Customized filing systems will directly impact the amount of time that you or your employees spend searching and questioning information so they can get more done.

Time Management & Productivity

Sometimes our to-do list can seem overwhelming. Our productivity assessment can determine the areas that are keeping you from reaching your goals and we can work with you to get back on track to meeting your organizational goals.


We provide 1 hr, 3 hr and full-day workshops for your team. Topics include email, productivity & time-management, controlling the paper pile up and more. We can also customize topics for your team.

Small Business

Working with businesses up to 80 people, we can address productivity, efficiency, and organizing in your business. Whether you are a retailer, traditional office, or non-profit business we can help.

Home Office

Working from home can present unique challenges. Whether you are setting up your office, or just need a fresh start, we can help eliminate the paper pileup, manage distractions, and reduce your stress.

Alternative Workspaces

Whether you are a travelling CEO, and on-the-road salesperson, or a student bouncing between desks, we can help improve your workflow, save you time, and increase your efficiency.

Let Elizabeth Stefani Professional Organizing create your customized organizing solutions.