Home Office

Home Office

Working from a home office often has unique concerns. If you are setting up a home office for the first time, or you need to organize your current home office space, we can help. We will assess your needs and goals for the space, put together a plan that works for your unique space, and help you implement it for your personal benefit. Some areas that we will look at are as follows:

Space Planning

Room and space planning can increase the effectiveness of your environment, however your home office space may present different challenges than a dedicated office. We will be able to work with you to maximize the space that you have available in your home, and show you how to make it work when a dedicated space is not available.

Productivity & Time Management

Some people work longer at home than at the office; others feel that they are getting much less work done. We will look at your workload, daily routines, family needs and structure, to find customized solutions that will work to keep you productive while having time for the things that matter to you.

Information Management

When we are unsure of what needs to be done with paper, it tends to pile up. And working from home, those piles can migrate to other areas of the home. We can help you create paper and electronic filing systems to keep the paper overload at bay.

Household Information Centres

Keeping personal and business records separate is important. We can help set up household information centres to ensure that bills are paid on time, forms are sent out, and appointments are all handled without the worry that something will be overlooked.

Let Elizabeth Stefani Professional Organizing help create your customized organizing solutions.